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2017 new year resolutions

I started thinking about my 2017 new year resolutions sitting down in a beautiful remote cottage in North Wales. It was a bit unsettling as really all I wanted to do is stay there for the next few months and not deal with the rest of the world, or plans or decisions. 

The last year I learned a lot more about myself, my weaknesses, my strengths and my wishes ..but now, here, at the start of a new year I still feel there’s so much more to learn and grow. After a little chat with my better half and more thinking I decided to categorise my resolutions by encapsulating them in a few words that would guide my journey in 2017.


Last year I might have stretched to far with my goals, trying to do too many things that require time and practice and that are spread across the entire year without having a clear vision. This year I want to focus on smaller goals and also prepare for them better with clear steps. It will be all about planning it right.

  1. Cycle to Brecon Beacons from Cardiff - I will need a training plan, a date in the calendar with no rain and a room booked for the night.
  2. Try yoga for at least 3 weeks - I will need to find a yoga class within easy reach
  3. Run 2 5k races - Movember Run, St. Davids Run or a Colour run?!
  4. 1 day of the week no meat - I think this would be easy, plus I got a great book with plant based recipes for Christmas!
  5. Get grade 1 piano
Be creative

This is of course relating to photography mostly - my main interest - the thing that makes me feel alive, forget about the cold, the problems.

  1. Gain money from photograph
  2. Try smaller challenges to keep your creative wheel spinning (like the rainbow challenge, or taking one of my film cameras for a walk)
  3. Write 25 blog posts this year
  4. Shoot 2 new faces
Breath and stay positive

This year I want to learn how to take it easy, accept my flaws and love myself more. Take a deep breath an open myself to others without fear, with hope. I must admit, even if it sounds easy this will be the most challenging resolution - getting anxious only thinking about it.

  1. Keep a gratitude journal - find the positive
  2. Try meditating for 10 days in a row and then at least once a week - Headspace is a great way to start. 
  3. Do more for charity - less receiving more giving. I am seriously considering on asking people who want to give me presents for different occasions to put some of that money to charity. (unless they want to help me buy a house :)) )
  4. Join a church community - I discovered church here in UK and it's such a different vibe from what I was used to from home. It's more open and it feels more like a community. Being so far from home I want to allow myself to find a community here.

So here they are, my 2017 new year resolutions. I realise this post is longer than the one from last year but I feel like is more focused and clear. I am confident they are all achievable goals and isn't that a great start ;) ?Happy New Year! May 2017 be amazing and kind to everyone!