About my services


If you follow my work closely you will probably see two styles: the polished, dreamy portraits and fashion work and the natural, candid lifestyle work. Don't make me choose because I love them both. I love unleashing my creativity and putting up together Mood boards and photoshoot projects but also crave the real, honest connection between people through their friendships, relationships and lifestyle.

Let's talk about what I can offer the real you. I like to grab a coffee, to know you and to make sure that you are seen. My lens and my editing style are here only to enhance what you already have: a unique look, a distinct personality and your own awesome journey.

With family, lifestyle and couple shoots I like meeting people in a place that they are comfortable in: a park, the library, a coffee shop or even their own home. Having the camera pointed at you is nerve wracking enough so feeling relaxed with your surroundings or with what you wear is such a relief! I hope my photos would reflect your best and true self as you are at that moment in time, on that step of your journey. I'm not the photographer that poses people, I'm the observer with gentle reminders to keep eyes open, back straight and smile on (or not.. depending on how moody we want to get).

With model, portraits, styled shoots I make sure we meet beforehand to discuss the general theme and get to know each other. Here is where my creative eye and planning becomes more visible. I like to try different things, you might hear some strange requests, you might think this will never work! Go with it! You'll get some awesome photos at the end anyway. Let's have fun :)

The result. You know my editing style, if not Instagram is where you can get the best idea of it.  I have to be honest with you here, you won't get the entire album of images from the day (I mean really, no one has time to go through so many pictures! Plus what about all the ones with eyes closed and arms in strange positions?! (There is, such thing as too many choices!) and you won't get unedited images (You're hiring me for my vision and I want to make you justice! Plus you're helping me out when your friends like the images and maybe are interested in the awesome photographer that took them ;) ). The final images will arrive to you in digital format usually in no more than a month from the shoot (depending on current work engagements and previous shoots).

1 to 1 photography basics

This is a new idea, born from my love for photography and meeting like minded individuals. I love talking photography and love sharing my experience with the camera and the "scary" Manual controls. So let's have an 1 to 1 for 2 hours! The starting price is £100 and it includes a coffee, a photography chat and a walk around the local area where we can discover what the camera can do. For those interested I can even bring my vintage Pentax to the meeting to have a feel for how things work with film photography and why I talk about it as a mindfulness practice.