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In June I crossed off another country of my list: Denmark. We chose beautiful Copenhagen with it's colourful canals, edgy districts and billion bicycles.Copenhagen bikeThe city felt very cool and relaxed, people enjoyed the sun sitting across the canals in groups, chatting after work hours.Canal in CopenhagenIt surprised me how different it was from the other places I visited. And this is mostly due to the lack of tourists snapping photos and getting in your way, it's not an overflowing city, not fast or overly busy, it's easy to get around, easy to talk to people (everyone seem to know English) and easy to find a nature oasis even in its centre.Statue in park

My favourite findings

The food - I recommend trying the open rye sandwiches. Supermarket have them in little plastic packs. They really know how to do lunches and the combination of ingredients is different but really works.Open sandwichThe canals - a relaxed vibe, beautiful and colourful buildings and the option to go on boat rides around the city, underneath low and high bridges to see parts of its architecture.Nyhavn canalTivoli Gardens - amazing entertainment,  fun rides and vintage looks. The amusement park is a must see! Planning to write a future blog post just about it!Tivoli GardensChristiana - I don't have a picture here, because it seems to be a dangerous place for photographers, yet it's a portrayal of "Make love not war" vibe. It's so different for it's colourful buildings and interesting history. What impressed me the most it's that it has it's own laws, a free zone for all .. as long as you don't take a picture :PThe towers - during the trip we also visited some of Copenhagen's tallest towers that offer beautiful views of the city.Copenhagen from aboveIn conclusion Copenhagen is a capital city that I could actually see myself live in.Copenhagen canal