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Creating a preset in Lightroom

Lightroom_Preset_beginnerI have a youtube channel!!! I have been thinking about this for a while now and finally recorded my first video. It is a short tutorial on how to create your own preset in Lightroom. And it's for beginners. Nothing too complicated, just moving some slides :)Presents can enhance your work and give another dimension to your images. They are very useful when dealing with batches of images from the same shoot, or when you want to give a similar style to most of your photos.I have noticed that Lightroom presets are being used widely and many artists and studios are even selling their own.Some of the most popular are:

But these presets are a tasteful and stylish combination of colours, settings and treatments applied to your image straight from Lightroom. So I thought: why not make my own? And so can you!Basic tips for creating your own Lightroom preset:

  • Don't overdo it - a preset should be easily applicable to most images just by tweaking them
  • Find your favourite tone - warm or cool
  • Select the image style and either fade or increase contrast
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