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Life thoughts

Since I was little I loved quotes and words of wisdom but I always preferred to learn things on my own. Now, when reading through life lessons and quotes, found on different articles, I feel a small nudge at my heart considering how right they were.

Don't buy the things you don't need

While growing up we didn't have a lot of money, a lot of choice, a lot of toys. We did have a lot of other things though: a lot of love, and fun, and friends, and sunny days.Since growing old and moving to UK many things changed, I might even say things turned around. There is so much choice here ('Should I get that or that?', 'What if that is better', 'I must have it!') and there is so much being produced. Everyone wants to be on top with the latest trends, latest technology, and we're so busy with making choices renewing the things we own that we forget to make time for the old things we used to love as kids.How do we break out of that? It's not only about us .. but about the whole world. Buy something that lasts, you will have to repurchase less. Buy eco and local, it will grow the businesses around you, keep people employed. Respect the work others do, it's easy to get the affordable things, but remember these come from someone's work.

Don't let your past ruin your future

Many times we hold on to experiences in the past, things we wished we would have done differently, things we wished didn't happen to us. It's interesting how we remember the difficult/sad times more than we remember the good. What are you doing now? How is your day? Did you smiled today? Did someone smiled at you? Embrace the little things, leave in the present, let go of the things that hold you down. Day dream about your dreams. Make a list of what you're grateful for and what you love doing and see how you can do more of it.

Don't compare your life to others

Since the internet, and especially since social media everyone is in everyone's business. I know what they do, they know what I do, it's all out there for everyone to see! It's inevitable to admire(or be jealous) of what others have and want it without considering what surrounds us, without thinking that we don't see the real picture (overlooking our life and romanticising other's).We're all connected now ... but in the same time we're all hiding who we really are behind a mask of optimism, happy images, pretty clothes and amazing activities. Because most of the times we're scared to share what is really behind this mask - ourselves.Don't be scared, we all cry and feel down once in a while, we are all scared of something, we all have a bad hair day. It's ok - the image we portray doesn't represent the person we are. You have to get to know us.. we have to let ourself get known.

Time heals almost everything. Give Time time.

What I learned while dealing with anxiety, moments of depression and disappointment is that it always gets better (and they always repeat - but that's another story).What my dad keeps bugging me with: "Observe the moment" remember it and then observe the following. It's a life lesson you learn by observing that all these moments are changing, growing with you, and the way you react to them make a day either bad or good. So think of it this way .. would this really matter in 5 years? Doesn't life always proved to us that there are days when you smile, and when people smile at you?! Hold on, these days always come back........................................................I'm still learning and still have to listen to some of my own advice :)