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Bucharest in winter

I love traveling and there is so much to see in the world! But .. I have to admit that I haven't seen enough of my home country, Romania, and bit by bit I try to change that. Having a partner that loves to travel and who doesn't know much about Romania helps. I love to show him my culture and traditions and beautiful places. This time we visited the capital, Bucharest on our winter holiday.Bucharest Christmas LightsWhat better way to find great accommodation, full of charm and at affordable prices then the AirBnb website!? We loved our apartment: right in the centre of the city, with a beautiful view, light and airy rooms and super close to all the shops and main attractions.airbnb living roomOf course the view from our AirBnb was perfect for some night photography as well and I held my camera outside the window trying not to move for a long exposure(a bit risky).night viewWe visited the Old Town streets, The Art Museum, The AFI Palace Mall and indulged in delicious Romanian cuisine in places like:

  • Food and tradition and entertainment: Vatra (pricey)
  • Amazing service: Caru' cu bere (always busy)
  • Best coffee I had in a while, especially the espresso: Filicori Zecchini (it's in Afi mall)
  • Books, tea, healthy food: Carturesti Library

Carturesti CarouselBucharest's architecture is a collection of fancy 19th-century Belle-Epoque-style and modern office and bank buildings. The general feel is quite eclectic, combining different cultural and historical styles. I can definitely say that most Romanian cities are similar, a mishmash of new and old, colourful and grey.Bucharest architectureBucharest architecture Bucharest architecture Bucharest architectureAlso every other street seems to hide a beautiful orthodox church built in what is now known as the Wallachian(Romanian) Renaissance style.churchThe House of the People, also known as the Palace of the Parliament it's said to be the world's largest civilian building with an administrative function. There were a few busses and tourists in front snapping away the impressive landmark and I waiting around in the chilly weather for them to pass before doing the same :).Parlament PalaceI found two other articles that describe this interesting city and I think you will enjoy them(they also have very pretty pictures):