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Black and white - week 5

Week 5 theme has been: Black and white landscape. As I go through with these I find landscapes definitely the most difficult to shoot or at least the ones I'm less satisfied and white landscapeI don't want to say that it's the place I live in cause that would be silly .. it's really a combination of factors. With landscape you need to be patient, to know the maps and places, to wait for the right light and time, maybe even visit the location on multiple days, notice the changes in colours and weather and what it does to the final view. Also for me landscapes are about nature, and you can't control and white landscapeI have to mention here one of my favorite photographers and an amazing black and white landscape artist: Ansel Adams. His images are well known around the world and he didn't even have the convenience of post processing or clarity, contrast and exposure sliders.With black and white photography, shape and contrast are what I looked for. The image I chose as representative for this week's theme is the one in the header of this post. I have used Lightroom for post processing trying to enhance the sky and its patterns. You can see the colour original here.I notice yet again that I tend to prefer wide negative space in my photos, look at that sky!