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Red - week 3

Third week already?! The theme was: Red. And I tried to go in a few different directions with this.Red light - a rainy evening on busy streets, as a passenger in a car I find things to do :). I think it turned out quite nice.Red lightColouring - I discovered zentangle and the art of adult colouring and how relaxing and visually pleasing it is so I thought it could go well with the theme.zentangle redRed berries and desserts <3. I found a delicious looking fruit tart at the Sunday Market on the riverside and had to take some photos :)Red berries tartMacro - with an inverse lens was interesting to try but the amount of writing in focus is so small I can't argue it was worth it at for this challenge.Red word macroRed lips - as seen in the following photo - but in this case maybe some red nails would have been a good addition to the look. Also I must admit I desaturated my top in Adobe Photoshop (it's originally purple)Red lipsI'm starting to wonder if I should focus on one image per theme but in the same time I think that trying different things will help me find a style I love in time.