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Landscape - week 2

The photo challenge this week continues with another theme which I personally found quite difficult: a landscape.The weather hasn't been amazing now that it's winter in Wales and it's been quite wet and cold and gloomy.I managed to get a few images in different locations but if I am honest I am not particularly happy with any of them. Still I'll document some of them for future reference the end of the year I'm hoping my skills will improve in this area :)land-8765The following photo was taken from the sky landscapeThe next images were from the walk we've been on this weekend on Garth mountain. We found out about this place from a list of amazing walks in Wales. It was so beautiful and even if my boots weren't really made for walking on steep hills through slippery mud I thoroughly enjoyed it.Landscape and sunsetLandscapeLandscape and skyAnd the last ones are taken an early morning before work in front of my apartment in Cardiff.fog landscapefog landscape