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I love Audible and this year I decided to write a few words about the books I've been listening to, in the first blog of the series: Book

The fifteen lives of Harry August

by Claire North

A book about the different lives of Harry August in his quest to learn about everything, understand his condition and keep the antagonist in check.The booked grabbed me from the first pages, then it let me go and then grabbed me again towards the end. The long paragraphs and the jumping from one time to another didn't change the final conclusion regarding this book: I loved it! I believe it will be easier to follow in book form as going back to previous paragraphs to listen to more complex facts can be tricky while holding an umbrella, in the rain, walking to work with the phone playing Audible in your pocket.I think it was refreshing, and interesting and well narrated and I would recommend it to the fans of physics and immortality(with a twist).

We need to talk about Kevin

by Lionel Shriver

This book talks about motherhood, and childhood and family from the perspective of the mother of a teenage killer.Multiple times along this read I was questioning whether I really want to be a mum. My feeling were that it's not about the parents anymore ... that you can't actually control what type of human the child that will grow in/with you will become. And that is one of the worst fears, when thinking about having a family ..the incapability of shaping a respectful, kind, lovely person.Very well written book, amazing metaphors and gripping images. Even if I think it was disturbing and sad and shocking I did really enjoy it, for making me feel these feelings. A book has to move you to be memorable and this certainly did.


I'm quite enjoying talking about the books I'm reading, and find myself bookmarking paragraphs while I listen for ideas, for the blog posts to come.By the time I'm posting this I'm already at the 5th book of the year. It's going well. Maybe you should give Audible a try! They give you a free trial! (I am already so obsessed with it that one credit a month is not enough and I end up buying more) 

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