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Self portrait - Week 1

This year I decided to give myself a more difficult photography challenge and have weekly themes. So I'm actually joining the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge . Week one theme was: Self portrait. I didn't want to go for the idea of a simple selfie so I tried to create something different.Tools used: an Ikea candle lantern (pretty right?!), a tea-light, Giottos tripod, Nikon D7000 camera and the night shirt I got for Christmas(H&M)Exif data: ƒ/3.2, shutter speed: 1/5, ISO: 250;SelfieA few things to take from this little session:

  • Be careful to not move too much when shooting in the dark- Because of low light I used long exposure and it can get blurry if not holding still for the right amount of time.

Self portrait blurry

  • Make sure your camera is well positioned on the tripod and that the tripod head is not sliding under it's weight. (I'm not in the photo as I ran to fix the issue)

Light trail

  • When working with only one source of light, learn to lean your (the model's) face towards it. Practice before maybe in a mirror, and be patient. In some of the shots the shapes on the lamp I used made shadows on my skin that were not very attractive.

Self portrait shadowsTo follow me or others on this journey and maybe even join in have a look at the following links:

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  4. My Instagram @silviaddot

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