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Warren Mill Farm Park

This bank holiday I decided to visit the Warren Mill Farm Park for a quick day out. I've been recommended it by a couple I had a photoshoot with the week prior and I'm so grateful to them for telling me about it. I love animals so having the opportunity to feed and pet them was awesome.Feeding the animalsThere were green open fields and a variety of animals happy for visitors. For only £4 per adult (£3 for children) you can meander around and discover the farm park. I definitely recommend getting some animal feed too! (50p per bag!). Make sure you have cash on you for this (card payment didn't seem to be available at the farm entrance).My favourite were the Alpacas, and this one above was definitely having a good hair day :PDon't forget to wear comfy footwear that you don't mind getting a bit dirty as you will be walking on the mud, through the grass (that might be wet, cause it's in Wales!)I tried feeding most of the animals. The piglet was adorable but didn't liked him much after he tried to munch my palm too in his excitement.The white ducks were so gracious and tall and could reach my palm easily, rewarding me with a very unusual massage while getting the seeds out of my hand.The ponies and donkeys were funny and friendly and followed us around while walking along the paths. Some even nice enough to take some selfies with the guests :PThis place reminded me of home, maybe we didn't had this many animals or a big farm but my grandparents used to work the land and taught me how to feed the chicken, pigs, ducks, cow when I was little. It was quite nostalgic to walk through baby chicks and hear them peeping and chirping. We used to spend weeks at my nan's when the little ones were hatching in an incubator and held into one of my grandad's old wool hats. It was a pretty awesome thing to be apart of as a child.BirdsThis is why I think this place is so awesome for families too! And they even have Accommodation facilities as they are running a B&B