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Banana and granola vegan cookies

After seeing this instagram post of Naomi I realised I had all I needed in my kitchen to try out these quick vegan cookies. It was perfect timing cause a sad looking, extra ripe banana was waiting in the fruit bowl for quite a while. I tweaked the recipe using what I had in my kitchen so you can have a look at Naomi's post if my ingredients aren't available for you.Have to admit this was the perfect time to also add some more food photography to my portfolio ;)

Ingredients1 ripe banana1 small bowl of granola1 tsp peanut butter2 tsp cocoa powder2 tsp sesame seeds1 tsp ground almonds1 tsp of honeyMethodMash the banana in a bowl, add the other ingredients and mix well.Heat the oven to 140 degrees CelsiusShape the cookies (Beware this part gets a bit messy)Leave in the oven for 20 min and then enjoy ..

cookies and instagram We had the best summer yet in Wales so I had to make a nice iced coffee to go with this morning treat. I love using hazelnut milk from Rude Health for my coffee, it's amazing and you should try it too!iced coffeeI actually found out that the recipe I was inspired by was also inspired by one from Dani @clean_and_delicious - there you go! more awesome women to follow! 

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