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Agfa Vista Plus 400

The Agfa Vista Plus 400 is another affordable film option I tried while still getting used to film photography and my Pentax MX camera. As much as it is doing it's job I felt like it was my least favourite from the ones I have tried. For me it lacks personality and requires some post-processing. I have started to scan my own negatives so I can now play with the type of file and the histogram during scanning.  It felt like it wasn't very forgiving with high contrast as they turned out overexposed in the light and under exposed in the shadow. I had to slightly tweak it in Lightroom and during scanning. I don't know if this is just my experience or my camera because previous reviews I read on this film were saying it's one of the good budget films. For now I am not planning on buying it again.

ABOUT Agfa Vista Plus 400

  • C-41 colour negative film (developed quickly by most developing companies)
  • 36 exposures
  • 400 ISO
  • Overexposing the image
  • Fine grain
  • Less contrast
  • Price: £5.30 (here)
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