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Kodak ColorPlus 200

Since I purchased my Pentax MX I've been using it a lot!! The Kodak ColorPlus 200 was the second film I tried. (If I don't count the b&w film I didn't set correctly in the camera and found out after 36 clicks that the film wasn't winding). The Kodak ColorPlus 200 has a different tone from the Fuji Superia 400, it's warmer and has more contrast. I think this would work great on a sunny autumn day shooting foliage. It is also very affordable. Will definitely purchase again!

ABOUT Kodak ColorPlus 200

  • C-41 colour negative film (developed quickly by most developing companies)
  • 24 exposures
  • 200 ISO
  • Wide Exposure Latitude
  • Fine grain
  • Price: £3 (here)
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