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Faceless Portrait - week 7

Week 7 of project 52 brings something a bit more exciting, it let's you be creative and opens up a lot of options. I really enjoyed the faceless portrait theme.Faceless portrait Morning CoffeeMy model was my wonderful boyfriend who waited patiently and posed as per instructions. It was Valentine's day so I think he wanted to be nice. Most of the times he doesn't have the patience for this.Faceless portrait silhouetteUsually a faceless portrait is created either by focusing on other parts of the body, by making your model turn around, by covering their face, or hiding it into shadow and creating a silhouette that holds no details.Faceless portrait flowerI feel like these type of portraits are more conceptual and give the viewer the opportunity to create their own story. They can't really see the model's face and what feeling it portrays. I enjoyed reading this article about The Faceless Portrait as an advanced type of portrait photography.For this week I chose the following image as the best for the theme.Rose