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Albufeira, Portugal

I don't know if you know this about me ..but I didn't used to have the opportunity to travel much when I was younger. So this is really the third foreign country I see, if I am also counting the one I currently call home (UK). But don't worry I love travelling and I am planning to see them all. This time it's a very touristy place: Albufeira, Portugal.Albufeira, PortugalAlbufeira, PortugalAlbufeira, PortugalStreets of Albufeira, PortugalBoat in Albufeira, PortugalStreet in Albufeira, PortugalViews of Albufeira, PortugalTiles of Albufeira, PortugalSky of Albufeira, PortugalStreets of Albufeira, PortugalCat in Albufeira, PortugalThe weather, the colours, the different architecture was a great experience and my favourite part (besides drinking cocktails by the pool with my better half) was getting lost in this little town and snapping away in the sun.

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