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Food photography

I'm excited to announce I am also offering my services for food photography. During the years I enjoyed shooting dishes I've been preparing and in awe learning tricks and tips from the best food photographers out there. In this article I'm giving a quick overview why food photography is so important for any business establishment serving food and drinks.Nowadays consumers and clients use the internet as the first source of information. And it's no surprise! Even when I get a restaurant recommendation my first thought is to check it out online, to see the images, to look at the venue and to see what the menu has to offer.lemonadeThere is so much diversity, so much choice that standing out as a business is more and more important and the quickest way to do so is using social media and the internet. And because people are visual beings, an eye catching image of a delicious looking dish can even make your mouth water and your stomach rumble.No wonder it's said "You eat with your eyes first".Images are the best marketing tool, even when scrolling through hundreds of feed posts a good image can pull you in and make you want to find more. And when your restaurant is in a multicultural city full of tourists and students it's important to show off what's on the menu in a way anyone would understand in order for them to know exactly what they are getting. You might not want to show every dish in images but a menu and a website that features the high margin dishes will also help with gaining more profit.Green saladIt's important to make the dish the star of the image but don't forget to integrate little touches to make the table look inviting. It also shows the personality of the restaurant and when you find a place that speaks to you, you keep coming back for more. In my opinion there are two types of food photography images:The minimalistic - this is the image where the dish is the only element in the frame. This could focus on the details of the dish, getting close to some of it's ingredients or get a full view of the platting on an empty background/surface.The story teller - this is a more complex image, the dish is now part of a story, and the photo includes other accessories in the frame such as: drinks, other table ware, other foods, and even objects from outside the kitchen that could add to the story(a magazine, a watch, a postcard, sun glasses). For an extra element, human interaction can be used by shooting hands on the table wear, cutting bread or passing plates.Why not contact me now to discuss my food photography service and see how my business can help yours.