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A couple photoshoot

On my holiday I had the amazing chance to shoot with Alina and Mircea on the streets of Cluj Napoca. I was contacted by them on social media about a quick 2 hours shoot and was happy to comply. I used to know them back when I was a student in Cluj and this was a great opportunity to catch up!The discussion about the photoshoot was short and sweet, they didn't know what they wanted and I didn't know what to expect. But we did start with the idea of urban portraits.When I asked whether they want romantic portraits the reply was that they're not romantic anymore. But I have to disagree completely! Maybe it's not candles and flowers and loving eye gazing but the connection between them is palpable.And even after 10 years together there is a feeling of closeness, of knowing and of partnership with all the quirkiness and vulnerability that it comes with :)Happy to see that, though more grown up, they are still the fun people with great style I remember from back in university. If you're interested in a pre-wedding or couple shoot please take a look at my website and get in touch :)