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Editing fairy lights portraits

A quick example of fairy lights photography, a la Brandon Woelfel and the editing from underexposed image to something portfolio worthy.I shot these with a friend in her room. I already have a blog post about Brandon Woelfel photography where I'm deconstructing his style and this is an example of results using some of those tips. :)fairy-lights-before-afterAs props we had a mirror, a wardrobe with reflective doors, a couple of fairy lights and the models glasses. The star shaped fairy lights I used I found in Primark but there are many options on Amazon also. I recommend micro fairy lights.The model was sitting with her back at the reflective wardrobe door. The lights behind her are from a few string lights that were hanging on a free standing mirror in front of her.fairy-lights-before-afterI used my Nikon D7100 and my 35mm 1.8 lens. The bokeh effect is due to the wide aperture. In the image billow you can actually see the mirror behind her. I like how the glasses reflect the lights she is holding.glasses-before-afterI also tried using a prism to create a blurred effect as it can be seen bellow.prism-before-afterThe images were edited in Lightroom to increase the exposure and brighten up the shadows. Saturation was also increased and I played with the colours for shadows and highlights to bring more of the blue and pink tones.

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