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Details of The Ethnographic Park - Cluj Napoca

During my last stay in Cluj I visited the National Ethnographic Park. This time I looked beyond the old buildings representing Romanian architectural history. I mostly focused on the little details. Like this little piece of a bee hive ..looking like part of the furniture.I was also fascinated by the round shapes in the leafless trees that offered an interesting horizon and background for the old buildings.The so called chocolate box houses with the thatched roof have a different feel here, with their shabby, cracked look - they have real character.The church towers are impressive and you can see the importance of christianity in the details and workmanship.Most of the households and farms still kept the workshops and tools used for working the land.My favourite thing was to look inside, through the window, at the old traditional decor. It reminded me of the crackling fire and the holidays spent with my grandparents.I recommend taking a stroll through the Ethnographic Park on a summer day to experience the rural feel of old Romanian villages and the smell of fresh cut grass and old wood.