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Cluj-Napoca streets and architecture

Since I moved away from Romania, visiting is always nostalgic, but now, as a tourist I seem to notice the beauty of it's buildings and architecture more. This April I took my 35 mm lens and shot some images of Cluj-Napoca streets.birds in Cluj NapocaI have to describe the style as eclectic. It's a mish mash of old and new from different decades, cultures and architectural styles.21 December 1989 BoulevardThe streets can use some renovation and some paint ... but the wall "art" and the cables and wires above the wide streets are part of the city and difficult to avoid.Graffiti on Cluj Napoca StreetsMihai Viteazu MarketWalking through the centre of the city is not hard to find beautiful architecture in the Renaissance and Baroque styles. Just look above the streets and shops to discover the windows and walls of an old city that was an important cultural centre.Cluj Napoca ArchitectureIt's interesting that you can only see the beauty of a place after you have others to compare it with. By traveling to different countries and cities I can see little parts of my home in them and vice-versa. And Cluj-Napoca is definitely an European city that holds a lot of history: the Saxon background and the Austrian domination leaving a footprint in the style of the buildings.Cluj Napoca IntersectionCurious to see what other articles I can find about beautiful Cluj I stumbled over a couple of posts that might give you a different point of view on this beautiful city that will always be close to my heart:

King Ferdinand Street