Food photography

I'm excited to announce I am also offering my services for food photography. During the years I enjoyed shooting dishes I've been preparing and in awe learning tricks and tips from the best food photographers out there. In this article I'm giving a quick overview why food photography is so important for any business establishment serving food and drinks.Nowadays consumers and clients use the internet as the first source of information. And it's no surprise! Even when I get a restaurant recommendation my first thought is to check it out online, to see the images, to look at the venue and to see what the menu has to offer.lemonadeThere is so much diversity, so much choice that standing out as a business is more and more important and the quickest way to do so is using social media and the internet. And because people are visual beings, an eye catching image of a delicious looking dish can even make your mouth water and your stomach rumble.No wonder it's said "You eat with your eyes first".Images are the best marketing tool, even when scrolling through hundreds of feed posts a good image can pull you in and make you want to find more. And when your restaurant is in a multicultural city full of tourists and students it's important to show off what's on the menu in a way anyone would understand in order for them to know exactly what they are getting. You might not want to show every dish in images but a menu and a website that features the high margin dishes will also help with gaining more profit.Green saladIt's important to make the dish the star of the image but don't forget to integrate little touches to make the table look inviting. It also shows the personality of the restaurant and when you find a place that speaks to you, you keep coming back for more. In my opinion there are two types of food photography images:The minimalistic - this is the image where the dish is the only element in the frame. This could focus on the details of the dish, getting close to some of it's ingredients or get a full view of the platting on an empty background/surface.The story teller - this is a more complex image, the dish is now part of a story, and the photo includes other accessories in the frame such as: drinks, other table ware, other foods, and even objects from outside the kitchen that could add to the story(a magazine, a watch, a postcard, sun glasses). For an extra element, human interaction can be used by shooting hands on the table wear, cutting bread or passing plates.Why not contact me now to discuss my food photography service and see how my business can help yours.

What to wear at a couple shoot

The question I get every time before a couple or engagement shoot is: What to wear? In this post I will try to talk about the do's and don'ts when thinking of clothes, coordination and awesome images while still trying to be comfortable and portray your personality. I am hoping this will make everything easier on the day, so none of you is stuck surrounded by piles of clothes 2 hours before a shoot wondering what the heck should I wear?!?! It's definitely best to think of the clothes for the shoot day ahead of time so you know your favourite pair of shoes is already polished and your cute dress is ironed and ready to shine.

Be yourself

The photoshoot is about the two of you and who you are, don't go to formal if you're the active type. Choose clothes you feel comfortable moving in, hugging in and even dancing in. These images should be fun and relaxed without the pressure of an event. Your outfit should also make you feel confident, so wear pieces that feel like "you" and the better you feel the better the images will turn out. I want to see your personalities as you relax in front of the camera and become more aware of each other and less of me :)Couple relaxing


You are in love, you are a team and you want to celebrate your relationship and your similarities but it's best if the clothes aren't too matchy-matchy. So what's the best way to coordinate without going for the same colours? A few ideas are: go for the same colour family or choose accents of the same colour in your outfits. Don't shy away from vibrant colours as long as the other's outfit is more neutral. Or choose contrasting colours that accentuate each-other: like yellow and blue, or green and red. What's even more important is to keep the style similar so it looks like you are both going to the same place and have the same vibe.Coordinating and holding hands

Keep it simple

I always ask for simple colours and prints. As much as patterns can be fun they can distract from the true subject of the image: the two of you. Also simple, classic clothes are a better idea to new trends, bold prints or questionable graphics. Pastels and neutrals can look great on anyone more so than neon hues. These images will be shown to your family and shared with friends for, hopefully, many years to come so why not go for something that is timeless? If you want to stand out add some of your favourite accessories (a colourful brooch? a bright set of shoes or maybe the latest hat in your collection?) don't hesitate to highlight your quirky style!Colourful style

Location matters

Think of your surroundings when picking out colours for your outfit. You two are the subject of the image so it is best to try and stand out. If you're in a park don't wear green and you won't blend in with the trees. This location will also work better for active wear or smart casual than a restaurant or a busy street will; In the city the clothes can be more formal and vibrant colours can make you stand out from the crowd and the grey buildings.Hug in front of tree


The engagement shoot objective is to enhance your natural beauty and being pampered and feeling confident in how you look is a great idea before a photoshoot. The camera can sometimes flatten the features, show every detail and enhance uneven tones so going for a neutral accent on the eyes (for example mascara can enhance the eye's shape and define the lashes) or some foundation and lipgloss may highlight your attributes.

Other details

Details like an interesting neckline or back, an interesting belt or tie, can bring the entire look together. I like focusing on the details and I sometimes crop really close to see smiles and hugs and interlaced fingers so why not show off your engagement ring, your pretty manicure or that new scarf or hat? An idea that can bring more variety to the shoot without changing your entire outfit is layering: a cardigan, a scarf, a vest.Alina and Mircea Playful

Emotional mindsets in business

This weekend, in my pursue for personal development I decided to register to a webinar run by Zoltan Veres from Refleqt about emotional mindsets in business. He talked about emotional intelligence, about balance and how to reach a fulfilling career life by using your own strengths and discovering the potential hidden behind many years of unhelpful habits and routines. I've been listening to his podcasts also and if you know Romanian I would definitely recommend them. (sorry my English speaking friends)During the webinar I've been taking notes mostly for myself but want to share some here, by enumerating the 3 main typologies with their strengths, weaknesses and tips to help improve each. 

The Employee

The Employee mindset has at its base the need for security and as humans this is an understandable requirement but brings with it inertia and a fear of change. This type of person is great at getting things done, at having deadlines and seeing them through, at keeping a steady pace. Any task will need this mindset to succeed.  The issues may arise when any small change might impact the job because the Employee profile is so averse to shifts in the environment.This is definitely something that is familiar to me, change is scary and being comfortable can be easy and safe. Nowadays there is a certain tendency to believe that you made it in your career if you're a Freelancer and work for yourself or have your own big business but if you don't have the mentality of an Employee you can't carry out the tasks to their end and achieve the results. This typology has real advantages, it is needed in most jobs and if you want to grow in your career it is important to understand how to channel these benefits and even cultivate them if they are not part of your mindset.Zoltan recommends a couple of things that should become part of a routine:

  • Set deadlines, don't put off the little things, wash those dishes, answer that email tonight, finish that blog post by Monday ;)
  • Finish what you started
  • Build healthy habits by including them in your life little by little, give 5 minutes after a meeting to read over the notes and you will be better prepared and more aware for the next day.
  • Push the limits of comfort and remember just by doing something for a weekend won't make a big difference so try and remain constant in your pursue. (your current routines have been trained for year and years so you need time to improve or remove the ones you are not happy with).


The Self-employed

The second mindset is the one of the Self-employed (or Freelancer/Expert), it seems like these are the go getters, the people who embrace risk, are motivated by their work and like to be the best. They also strive for personal development and feel the need to evolve by continuously learning.  Some of their weaknesses are the need to demonstrate their expertise by competing with others and by giving advice because they consider themselves to be better than anyone else.  Another negative side of the Self-employed typology is the constant need to observe and emphasise that others aren't doing their tasks as well as they could.Don't forget, the way we are at our jobs we bring home. There is no separation and the strengths of the Self-employed can become very stressful for others in their personal life. Constant competitivity with your partner, your child is not healthy, just like it's not healthy to bring a superiority complex into your home.  The need to develop and grow can become a nuisance when you are interested in anything and everything and expecting everyone else to be the same.This emotional typology has some great strengths, especially when trying to build a business, as this is when risk is inevitable. If this side of you is not yet developed there are some things you could do:

  • Assume some risks and get out of your comfort zone - try placing yourself in contexts that you are uncomfortable in, things that might not make sense to you will open your eyes to different views and experiences and prepare you for the unexpected. It's great that you can jump out of a plane and say you faced your fears but if you can't take a critique without getting defensive or aggressive it means there are still things you can work at. Remember "A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing really grows there"
  • Decide what you want to develop and do it constantly - choose an area you love and improve your knowledge and understanding of it.
  • Learn from the best in your area of interest - don't stick to only one person as no one has the absolute truth about everything, do your research by checking different views on the subject of choice.


The Entrepreneur

As an emotional profile the Entrepreneur is the person who notices systems and can build future proof frameworks. They are valuable at the top of the business as they can see what things need to happen to get the results. Besides that they are the real leaders, that can understand humans and their variety of personalities and needs, and can organise them accordingly to get the best performance. Aristotle said "Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy."It is about working with people, removing your own ambitions, managing your emotional baggage and guiding them to succeed. Leaders bring growth in everyones life because that's their strength to see how anything can develop into something better and inspire. Because they have this capacity they can also end up seeing people as systems and trying to micromanage them both at work and outside.  This leads to another weakness: over correcting as they can always find something to change and transform so they can tend to push people's buttons.If your lacking some of the qualities of an Entrepreneur or feel like you want to be better don't forget it's all about being emphatic and understanding people and systems:

  • Nothing is black and white. Notice the details, analyse your decisions and be sure to understand what each really mean and how the tasks really work from what resources are needed, to the procedures and results we can expect. Do not choose to assume the first and most simplest conclusion is the correct one.
  • Develop the people around you, encourage and raise them up. Who doesn't like to be praised or thanked for their help?!
  • Appreciate the performance and the effort, accept that you need to communicate your gratitude with them even if it might seem uncomfortable or if the job hasn't yet been completed. Acknowledge that a percentage of it has been done, that effort has been put into it and that recognition is deserved by all involved.


The Conclusion

These emotional typologies are important when choosing our jobs and they are not related to the position we hold at this moment. You might be lead at work by a person with an Employee profile that is struggling to get the results because their Entrepreneur mindset hasn't been yet developed. Learning these new ways of dealing with your emotions, your environment and relationships will help you understand your emotional capacity. This might be the way to succeeding in eliminating the unhelpful behaviours and leading a more fulfilled life and career.I'm excited to be on this path :)

Warren Mill Farm Park

This bank holiday I decided to visit the Warren Mill Farm Park for a quick day out. I've been recommended it by a couple I had a photoshoot with the week prior and I'm so grateful to them for telling me about it. I love animals so having the opportunity to feed and pet them was awesome.Feeding the animalsThere were green open fields and a variety of animals happy for visitors. For only £4 per adult (£3 for children) you can meander around and discover the farm park. I definitely recommend getting some animal feed too! (50p per bag!). Make sure you have cash on you for this (card payment didn't seem to be available at the farm entrance).My favourite were the Alpacas, and this one above was definitely having a good hair day :PDon't forget to wear comfy footwear that you don't mind getting a bit dirty as you will be walking on the mud, through the grass (that might be wet, cause it's in Wales!)I tried feeding most of the animals. The piglet was adorable but didn't liked him much after he tried to munch my palm too in his excitement.The white ducks were so gracious and tall and could reach my palm easily, rewarding me with a very unusual massage while getting the seeds out of my hand.The ponies and donkeys were funny and friendly and followed us around while walking along the paths. Some even nice enough to take some selfies with the guests :PThis place reminded me of home, maybe we didn't had this many animals or a big farm but my grandparents used to work the land and taught me how to feed the chicken, pigs, ducks, cow when I was little. It was quite nostalgic to walk through baby chicks and hear them peeping and chirping. We used to spend weeks at my nan's when the little ones were hatching in an incubator and held into one of my grandad's old wool hats. It was a pretty awesome thing to be apart of as a child.BirdsThis is why I think this place is so awesome for families too! And they even have Accommodation facilities as they are running a B&B

Banana and granola vegan cookies

After seeing this instagram post of Naomi I realised I had all I needed in my kitchen to try out these quick vegan cookies. It was perfect timing cause a sad looking, extra ripe banana was waiting in the fruit bowl for quite a while. I tweaked the recipe using what I had in my kitchen so you can have a look at Naomi's post if my ingredients aren't available for you.Have to admit this was the perfect time to also add some more food photography to my portfolio ;)

Ingredients1 ripe banana1 small bowl of granola1 tsp peanut butter2 tsp cocoa powder2 tsp sesame seeds1 tsp ground almonds1 tsp of honeyMethodMash the banana in a bowl, add the other ingredients and mix well.Heat the oven to 140 degrees CelsiusShape the cookies (Beware this part gets a bit messy)Leave in the oven for 20 min and then enjoy ..

cookies and instagram We had the best summer yet in Wales so I had to make a nice iced coffee to go with this morning treat. I love using hazelnut milk from Rude Health for my coffee, it's amazing and you should try it too!iced coffeeI actually found out that the recipe I was inspired by was also inspired by one from Dani @clean_and_delicious - there you go! more awesome women to follow! 

About friendship

Growing up I managed to make a few friends along the way, it was part of my daily life. It was normal to have someone to talk to, to laugh with, to cry with. Loyalty, love and sisterhood were part of me from a very early age. I grew up with support as a base ..and now looking back it seems easy... my life was easy (even if I probably would have never said that back then). I was lucky but never realised it until it went away for a while.Fast forward to 2018: I have been in UK for 8 years and in the last 2 there is a piece missing and I think it's connection. I have great people around me here, we have fun and I think they care but it somehow feels they speak a different friendship language, one I'm still getting used to. My base, the people I grew up with, the relations we built together are somehow different. We all played in the same mud,  crowded in our small apartments, dreaming the same dreams. There was a partnership, we were all in the same sort of situation, our personalities, values and hopes were built from the same blocks.There are many types of friends but the ones who truly make a difference are the ones you click with, the ones you will always remember and the ones you can be yourself with.

The things in common

Ok I know you might not believe me but I have a friend who reads my mind ..or I read hers ..umm who knows?! It's always been this strange bond between us from loving the exact same band for the exact same reasons and blurring it out in the same time, to knowing how to open up our souls and feeling like what we receive back in return is exactly what we were looking for. Maybe in another life we were twin souls. Did I say how lucky I am?Having a friend who knows you inside out is awesome and to get to know someone is easier when you have similar values, interests and ideas about the world. Some people grow up together, spend time together and learn to enjoy the same things and others meet later in life in that new photography meet-up and bond over their love for food and diets. I think the deep lasting friendships have to be built on a common ground.

The good the bad and the ulgy

Friends move your heart, become part of you and that bond can rarely be broken. But this is not only because you've been perfectly in tune all the time. It's also about going really dark and hating each-other for a moment and surviving it. Seeing someone in their weakest, meanest place and knowing that part of them is what builds the trust. If you've never seen the ugly parts can you truly say you know someone? If it's all flowers and rainbows can you really feel connected, when every human has some darkness/sadness in them?!Friendships can be messy: you get annoyed at something you fight, they think I'm impulsive I think they're irrational. But somehow you come back together, you know what it means to have someone real, someone who gets it, someone loyal, you know how important it is in this world to have someone to raise you up. And no matter how far you go or how little you talk that connection never really goes away.I know my friends, I don't have many but I have authentic ones, ones that keep me in check and that welcome me with open arms no matter what and for whom I would do the same in a heartbeat.

The team work

Friendship should inspire you to become better, without it being a competition. As humans, we grow, we gather knowledge and we look at this world wondering what the hell we're here for?! It's an amazing feeling to have around you people that wonder the same, that need to be pushed but also push you forward. Unfortunately sometimes circumstances change and somehow people who you thought you knew move further and further away. I had this awesome friend in University, he really got me, we clicked and me, as a Romanian girl that attaches herself to people and holds on, thought I made a new friend for life! (friendship and loyalty is my base remember?!) ..but sometimes it just doesn't work. But those 2 years were awesome!I think real friendship doesn't fade (or it shouldn't) but as any relationship you have to keep it going, you have to put the effort in asking questions or being there with answers and opinions when needed. Friendship implies balance between two people; it may seesaw sometimes if one person is in a stickier patch than the other, but both partners have to know that they can (must, even) both give and receive. It's team work!


The gratitude

I've talked about the bad things and how relationships are stronger when you go through hardship and darkness, but that's not what they are for. Friendships are for comfort, support and love. So if you have that person in your life don't forget to show your appreciation. An "Oh my God you look amazing in that picture" or "I'm so grateful to know that people like you exist" might be unusual but it's rewarding. Maybe it's because I'm growing older and I am finally understanding what is more important, or maybe it's because I've been missing some of my friends, but the people in your life are what you will remember at the end, and not the clothes you bought or your latest car. Humans are made for connection, we are social beings, we are all here to grow together and make awesome memories and maybe leave this world better than we found it.There is so much to be said about this topic! I think my version of friendship should be at the base of any important relationship, it's rare, it takes time, it's raw and exciting and full of curiosity - the family you choose.Guys you know who you are! I am proud to have you in my life; I am lucky to know people like you, my people, my team. Thank you. 

A couple photoshoot

On my holiday I had the amazing chance to shoot with Alina and Mircea on the streets of Cluj Napoca. I was contacted by them on social media about a quick 2 hours shoot and was happy to comply. I used to know them back when I was a student in Cluj and this was a great opportunity to catch up!The discussion about the photoshoot was short and sweet, they didn't know what they wanted and I didn't know what to expect. But we did start with the idea of urban portraits.When I asked whether they want romantic portraits the reply was that they're not romantic anymore. But I have to disagree completely! Maybe it's not candles and flowers and loving eye gazing but the connection between them is palpable.And even after 10 years together there is a feeling of closeness, of knowing and of partnership with all the quirkiness and vulnerability that it comes with :)Happy to see that, though more grown up, they are still the fun people with great style I remember from back in university. If you're interested in a pre-wedding or couple shoot please take a look at my website and get in touch :)

Photography Notes: Should I have two Instagram accounts?

I have pondered on this particular thought for a while: Should I have an Instagram account for both personal and business posts or should I keep it all separate?instagram accountsIt's a tough choice (at least I thought it was). Here's some points you should probably take into consideration:

Are you a shearer?

Do you like to share every moment of your day, every silly face, every donut you eat, and run you have to go on afterwards? It's great, it's fine problem with that .. but.. are you taking your best pictures in these situations? Do you want your clients to see this side of you?

Can you separate the two?

If your business is you, if you take photos of real people and their events, of life with it's wonders and it's tears then maybe sharing a bit of your own is not such a bad idea. After all you want to really know your clients and you can't really expect someone to open up fully when they don't know who you are. Put them at ease with a few messy hair days and favourite hiking spots. The more they know you the more they know what to expect and if you're on the same wave length.It's easier to separate your personal life when your business profile is unrelated to who you are. Maybe you shoot fashion or business headshots but you're favourite outfit for everyday is a comfy animal onesie... that's quite a contrast right? Even so, when we have clients we are talking about human beings who you want to build great relationships with, so I think showing your beautiful face once in a while is not that bad :)phone

Do you have a style?

During my hours and hours of browsing, and swiping, and double clicking on Instagram I learned one important thing: you require a theme, a style that people will get accustomed to, will follow because that's what they want to see in the morning while sipping coffee. So ? Are you the adventurer with pretty images in the mountains? Or the lifestyle blogger with a great sense of art deco. Or maybe you like beauty or fashion? It can be anything as long as it's consistent. Does this style go with your daily life? Yes? Great mix it all together.No?  Then think about the amount of people on Instagram (over 800 million monthly active users) and also think about the Instagram algorithm - scary right? It is more difficult to have active followers when they don't know what to expect from you everyday. Let them know what you are about by being consistent in your style and the ones who love it will follow. It is more likely to get people interested in one or two themes you post rather than all your hobbies and favourite foods and family pics put together.holding phone

Are you interested in being featured?

Being featured is a great way to get yourself and your brand out there. A feature account with thousands of followers to pick your image to share would be amazing. But it's becoming more and more difficult and most times getting featured it's not only about one image. Curator accounts choose the best of the best and they do that by looking at your entire account. And here is where it becomes very important to share your greatest images, have a style and be consistent. Yup, basically very similar to the point above.instagram


Instagram has grown so much and the majority of people I know (and are interested in photography) have at least one account. It's an awesome network for sharing your images, art and lifestyle and it's also pretty good for socialising and inspiration. The application even made it easy for you to change from one account to another. You have Stories! The silly faces and the days in the animal onesie while eating a donut can be shared there freely for 24 hours.So really the only reason for not having multiple Instagram accounts can only be that .. it's kinda difficult to keep up with two in the long run and you don't have inspiration for new captions :P2 instagram accountsPS: Personally I decided that I don't need to share pics in my onesie so I keep mine all business, and the odd dog walk (but with free reign on the stories). I did decide I need a separate Instagram account for my art. So in the end I still have two ;) 

Photography Notes: How to find and contact models

I believe everyone feels a little tension when trying to find a model and when reaching out to someone new. I'll share some of my  advice to finding and contacting models for your awesome, new photography projectscontact models

The search

My go to place to find models is Model Mayhem. This is where I was first contacted by a model, and the first place I look for people for my projects. It could be familiarity but it's also the fact that it's an awesome resource with a large network of creatives. I used to spend hours reading their forums a few years ago and learned a lot from this community. The website is not the most intuitive but it does offer the opportunity to browse for different people depending on location and  experience and also allows you to post a casting call for a specific photoshoot.A similar website is Purple Port. I joined Purple Port a year ago and I feel like a lot more things are happening on it and people seem to be more active in arranging events and photoshoots. Most of the castings, events and models are looking for payed work so if you are looking for Time for Print definitely check the model description first.A few things to consider when looking for a model on these resources:

  1. Last active date - make sure the model is active on the website you then avoid waiting for an answer that might not come.
  2. Read their profile. It's great to know a few things about the person who you will work with. You might also discover the type of work they would be excited by or if they recently had a change of haircut.
  3. Can you afford the fee? Do they accept TFP (Time for Print)?
  4. Does the model go with your photoshoot theme? Make sure you have an idea about the photoshoot you want to organise.

The third resource I would recommend is Instagram. If you don't have an Instagram account yet ..then ..what are you doing??!?! It's my favourite social media platform and the app I am most active on. It is also a great place to look for models and be found by models.Finding models on Instagram is a bit more challenging than with the other two platforms. Here are some tips:

  1. Tags! search for the right tag! I live in Cardiff so I would search for: #cardiffmodel #cardiffmodels #cardiffportrait #cardiffactor #cardiffphotographer etc. You get the gist..
  2. Other photographers in your area. If you follow other photographers in your area check out their profile and see who they worked with. Most photographers tag the model in the image and this way you can find their account.
  3.  Call for models. Use appropriate hashtags in your posts and stories to advertise that you are interested in finding models in your area. You might get lucky :)

 Instagram Models

The message

Now that you have a few models that would be great for your shoot it's time to reach out. This is the moment when I get a bit sweaty and nervous: what are they going to say? What are they going to think? What if I make a grammar mistake? Ahh what if my work is not good enough.. (yes indeed we all have those thoughts)But what I say to myself is: I can never really grow without challenging myself, the model is just as nervous as me when working with someone new. We are all human and we all try to figure this world and this life out.Ok back to the message. A simple introduction and enquire should be enough."Hi [pretty model name], I really like your portfolio! Currently I am interested in doing a [style of shoot]  in [location] and I believe your look would be perfect for this. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a TFP shoot. You can check some of my work here: to see my style. Let me know if you would like to have a chat about the opportunity of working together.Have a great day,Diana "Message Tips:

  1. Be nice but be yourself. Don't be too formal, don't use words you wouldn't normally use, talk about your excitement about working with them (that's the whole reason you are reaching out right?!)
  2. Add a link to your work and even to a personal account - the model will feel more at ease knowing who you are and what your style is.
  3. If you can't pay the model make sure you ask for a TFP or test shoot from the start.

Follow-up discussion

If the message doesn't come back it could be for a multitude of reasons .. but I guess you'll have to try with another model ..and let it be.Now let's say the answer comes back.It's a NO - Great! We have an answer, not the one we want but .. we don't have to wait around anymore, we know a reason. Best to say thanks and keep an open link for future collaborations (networking is key in the Photography Industry)It's a YES - Awesome! The discussion is open now it's just about finding a date, a place and explaining your vision as best you can! I recommend making a Mood Board on Pinterest. Here's an example of a project I am hoping to work on soon, and a good tutorial from Kayleigh June about Creating a Mood Board.It's not a bad idea to go for a coffee beforehand if the project is more complex. If your project is minimalistic and it doesn't need much preparation make sure you let the model know what style of clothes to bring and how to do their hair and make-up on the day.For example regarding the makeup and clothes I could say: "The style of the project is urban/street. Basic idea: a casual look, minimalistic (no crazy patterns tongue) something like jeans and a lose jumper/tshirt. For the make-up a day look/natural colours with accent on the eyes and glossy lips. As for the hair I love it curly and full of volume as I can see it in your portfolio" (and yes I did actually sent this in a message).Contacting a model  After this don't forget pointing out the dates and times you are free and keep in touch. Also make sure you check a couple of days before the shoot that everything is still on schedule.There you have it!Good luck with your new photoshoots :D

Agfa Vista Plus 400

The Agfa Vista Plus 400 is another affordable film option I tried while still getting used to film photography and my Pentax MX camera. As much as it is doing it's job I felt like it was my least favourite from the ones I have tried. For me it lacks personality and requires some post-processing. I have started to scan my own negatives so I can now play with the type of file and the histogram during scanning.  It felt like it wasn't very forgiving with high contrast as they turned out overexposed in the light and under exposed in the shadow. I had to slightly tweak it in Lightroom and during scanning. I don't know if this is just my experience or my camera because previous reviews I read on this film were saying it's one of the good budget films. For now I am not planning on buying it again.

ABOUT Agfa Vista Plus 400

  • C-41 colour negative film (developed quickly by most developing companies)
  • 36 exposures
  • 400 ISO
  • Overexposing the image
  • Fine grain
  • Less contrast
  • Price: £5.30 (here)